BG CUSPDT21 Type2, 2 Module, TT, TN and TNCS


This Type 2 Surge Protection Device provides
superior protection against Transient overvoltages,
by diverting the surge to earth within <25ns. And
protecting all loads/circuits connected to the
consumer unit.

£ 118,80 incl VAT
£ 99,00 excl VAT


• Type 2 Single Phase Surge Device + 32A B Curve MCB
• Complete kit for easy installation
• Fully compliant to BSEN61643-11,
BSEN62305 & BS7671
• Suitable for domestic/commercial installations
• Space saving 1 module design
• Minimum back-up MCB 32A B curve
• Can be fitted on DIN rail directly into the consumer unit
• Grey colour to match existing circuit protection devices
• IP20 protection degree
• Response time < 25ns




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