CD285U RCD Double Pole 100A 30mA


RCCB 2P 100A 30mA A

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RCCB 2P 100A 30mA A
Technical Characteristics
Neutral position right
Number of poles 2 P
Type of pole 2 P
Fixing mode
DIN rail type O
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated current 100 A
Type of supply voltage AC
Rated impulse withstand voltage 4000 V
Rated residual operating current 30 mA
Breaking and opening capacity 1.5 kA
Rated conditional short-circuit current Inc according
to EN 61008-1 6 kA
Rating current 30°C 100 A
Depth of installed product 70 mm
Height of installed product 83 mm
Width of installed product 35 mm
Total power loss under IN 14.3 W
Short-time delayed tripping No
Electric endurance in number of cycles 2000
Number of mechanical operations 4000
Number of modules 2
Tightening torque 3,3Nm
Type of connection with screw
Can be accessorized Yes
Standard text EN 61008-1
European directive WEEE concerned
Protection index IP IP20
Residual current type A




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