External RCD Unswitched Spur IP66


IP rated accessories designed to protect against water
and dust ingress in the most arduous of conditions

£ 118,80 incl VAT
£ 99,00 excl VAT


• IP66 Rated
• Manufactured toBS7288. Latching type, 30mA
trip current, 40mS trip speed
• Angled colour coded terminals with captive
• 1 drill out entry 20/25mm in rear face
• Flexible membrane allows switching without
opening unit
• Visible indication of power status through
seethrough cover
• Terminal capacity 3 x 2.5mm2
, 2 x 4.0mm2
& 1 x 6.0mm2
• Weather & dust protection: High level of
protection against ingress from water jets & dust,
the durable seals will maintain integrity over the
product’s life
• RCD protection::
Cuts off power safely & prevents electrocution in
event of a fault
30mA trip current & 40ms trip circuit operation
Latching operation, socket returns to original state
when power resumed
• Multiple gland entry positions:
5 versatile entry options with M25 capability with
an easy push out blank plug design
One cut out entry option on rear
• Robust construction:
Polycarbonate housing
High impact resistance
Long lasting, will not crack or fade


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